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13 Aug 2014
The Mage can have 3 distinctive roles in Rift, outlined if you want of importance: harm dealing caster (#1 task), help class (#2 work), and an off-spec rift classes overview therapeutic course (#3 position).
Initially and foremost, Mages are intended to become the damage-dealing casters. Most specs and souls are in some way or a different are magic damage-oriented. This is nothing out of the rift class selection uncommon.
Nonetheless, Mages also possess a large amount of assistance skills which middle about handle. For instance, the Dominator makes a speciality of crowd-control abilities and one of its starter skills, Transmogrify, morphs enemies right into a harmless animal for thirty seconds.
On the other facet of your help coin, the Archon class specializes in debuffing opponents and buffing allies.
Ultimately, Mages can even develop into a rift classes and callings healing and damage-dealing hybrid for a Chloromancer. When mixed with all the quad-spec function (which enables you to definitely freely swap among 4 soul configurations), this could be considered a strong off-spec for your Mage for every time a Cleric isn't around.
It truly is beyond the scope of this Rift Mage rift class skills Information to enter every soul separately, but according to what souls you choose is dependent upon the different work you could execute. To study far more about Mage roles and to determine a listing of souls, check out the Rift Mage Souls list.
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