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29 Jan 2016
There is no doubt that a car with tinted windows offers a sense of privacy to its occupants but it will also prevent some sunlight from entering the car creating a cooler environment. If you don't feel like paying a professional to do your window tinting you can do it yourself, but it is not exactly the easiest job in the world. Before you begin to do any window tinting, make sure that you check local laws to determine what the legal limit of window tint is. You will need a shaded, dust and wind-free environment to apply the window tint, and make sure the temperature is above 50 degrees but below 98 degrees.
  • Clean the exterior of the car window with the soapy water solution. You will use the window as a pattern for the window tint film, the cleaner the window the better.

  • Figure out on which side the liner side of the window tint film is; usually it is on the outside of the roll. The liner side will be sticky when rubbed together.

  • Wet the exterior of the window with your soapy solution. Lay out the film on the glass with liner side facing out. Level the bottom edge of the liner with the bottom edge of the window. Wet the liner side of the film and squeegee gently to hold the film in position.

  • Use the razor to make exact trimmings of the window shape on the film. Be careful to not press to hard into the film to minimize risk of damage to window. Once window shape has been trimmed on the film, remove film from the exterior of the window.

  • Spray the interior of the window with the soapy solution and use plastic scrub pad or lint free cloth to clean. The cleaner the glass the better, this is important because any dirt left behind will cause the tint to bubble. Use the squeegee to dry the glass off. Wrap lint free cloth on a hard edge of squeegee or bondo card to get dirt that could be trapped in gaskets around glass.

  • Take the tape that and make two pieces about an inch or two long. Fix one piece on the liner side of the window tint and the other piece in the exact same spot on the other side. Gently pull apart to release window tint. As you are pulling the tape pieces apart, use the soapy water and thoroughly saturate the film.

  • Spray the solution on the interior of the back window thoroughly. Carefully move the wet film with the soapy side to be placed on the windows soapy surface. Align the film with the top of the glass and spray the solution on the film one more time. Starting at the top, use the squeegee to push out water from between the film and window. Slowly work any bubbles that have formed to the edge of the film.

  • Wrap the low lint cloth around the hard edge tool you are using and go back over the window paying attention to the edges to soak up any excess water.

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