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31 Jan 2016
Clear the window area.
  • Make sure there is nothing in the interior of your car attached or near the window, and clear the exterior of the rear window of any debris, stickers or attachments.
Cover the window's exterior with a black garbage bag.
  • Cut the black garbage bag open and make sure it is large enough to cover the entire back window.
  • Spray the outside of the window with water. Then, lay the garbage bag over the window and use your hand to smooth the bag down
Prepare the window's interior.
  • Cover the interior upholstery, speakers window ledge and all other surfaces with a plastic tarp.
  • Spray undiluted ammonia over the entire back window tint.
  • Cover the inside of the back window with another black garbage bag that you cut open. To trap the ammonia between the bag and the window, attach the bag edges to the window edging with masking tape.
Face the window to the sun.
  • Park the car so the rear window faces the sun, and leave it to heat up for 1 hour.
Peel the tint from the interior rear window.
  • Pull the tint up, starting in a corner of the window. Use a razor blade to loosen the corner, and peel the tint slowly in one sheet.
  • Spray more ammonia on the tint as you peel so it doesn't dry.
Clean the window after the tint is off.
  • Scrub the remaining adhesive off the window using ammonia and fine steel wool. Use paper towel to wipe up the scrubbed areas before the ammonia dries and the adhesive sticks to the window again.
  • Wash the window with window cleaner and paper towels after you remove all tint adhesive on the inside. Remove the garbage bag on the exterior window and clean the outside of the window with window cleaner, as well.


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