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25 Feb 2016
High-quality vehicle window film tinting tools - tinting scrapers and tinting scraper blades are convenient automotive glass tint tools for many cleaning jobs, such as the removal of chewing gum, stickers, wax build-up, caked-on dirt, or any adhesives on the surface of vehicle’s windows.

You can buy various kinds of window tinting scrapers including tinting handled scrapers, tinting stainless scrapers and the replacement stainless or plastic razor blades. Automotive window tinting scrapers wholesale from is safe, cheap and instant.

25 Feb 2016
Car tinting is the process of applying film on the car window.  This is used for several purposes, such solar heat reduction and UV protection.  The window tint also provides privacy, protection, and security.  There is also a downside to car window tinting, however; it reduces the visible light transmission through car windows which can be problematic at night.  Because of this, there are VLT limits set with different states – check with your state before tinting you windows.  The price for car tinting depends on the make and model of your car, the type of tint you choose, and the establishment you use.

How much is it?

    On average, car window tinting is going to cost anywhere from $125 to $250 for a car, while the prices can range...

25 Feb 2016
This plastic Quick Foot Squeegee is comparatively soft which makes it perfect for some gap or thin film. Its long edge makes car window film tinting job quick and efficient. The high-quality material guarantees a longer life. Also it can resist high temperature up to 300℃.Red Soft Quick Foot Squeegee High Tempreture Resistance Tinting Tool,click here to get more details:

20 Feb 2016
Need Help Choosing A Window Tint - Consider These Tips 2

The requirement of a window tint at a workplace is a little different from that at home. Typically, in an office, window tints are used to reduce glare and make the environment comfortable for employees who spend long hours in front of the computer screen. Privacy may be another factor. In the former case, a standard tint will do the job just fine because it provides maximum protection against heat and glare at the lowest cost. However, if privacy is a concern, you may need a mirrored tint or one that lets in less than 25% of visible light.


16 Feb 2016
These practices can help you to greatly reduce the amount of dust contamination in your window film installations

1. Find a bug zapper that will work on gnats... and other critters.

2. Minimize the time between peeling the liner and placing the film onto the glass...

3. Do not walk forward with your peeled pattern, step backwards, this way you are not using your peeled film as a catch net for airborne contaminants...

4. Cut a white Teflon into a triangle, wrap it with a micro-fiber cloth, jam it between glass and frame and wipe those crevices (window glass channels) clean... or use a chamois to perform this.

5. Wipe off the top ledge of the roll down glass...

6. If you use a pressure sprayer with a hose, put an...