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25 Feb 2016
Car tinting is the process of applying film on the car window.  This is used for several purposes, such solar heat reduction and UV protection.  The window tint also provides privacy, protection, and security.  There is also a downside to car window tinting, however; it reduces the visible light transmission through car windows which can be problematic at night.  Because of this, there are VLT limits set with different states – check with your state before tinting you windows.  The price for car tinting depends on the make and model of your car, the type of tint you choose, and the establishment you use.

How much is it?

    On average, car window tinting is going to cost anywhere from $125 to $250 for a car, while the prices can range...

25 Feb 2016
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20 Feb 2016
Need Help Choosing A Window Tint - Consider These Tips 2

The requirement of a window tint at a workplace is a little different from that at home. Typically, in an office, window tints are used to reduce glare and make the environment comfortable for employees who spend long hours in front of the computer screen. Privacy may be another factor. In the former case, a standard tint will do the job just fine because it provides maximum protection against heat and glare at the lowest cost. However, if privacy is a concern, you may need a mirrored tint or one that lets in less than 25% of visible light.


31 Jan 2016
1. Buy Your Film

You will first need to check the laws in your state and then make sure you are buying a film that is compliant (use our map in the sidebar to check your state laws). There are many options available, including those we have highlighted on this page.

2. Preparation

The first thing you will need to do is prepare your windows. The window surface will need to be cleaned and any items on the window will need to be removed. This may include things like caulking compounds, weather stripping, antennas or cellular phone equipment. In the case of the latter, it may be necessary to work around these items.

When working on side windows, you will need to clean twice – once with the window fully up and a second...

31 Jan 2016
Clear the window area.
  • Make sure there is nothing in the interior of your car attached or near the window, and clear the exterior of the rear window of any debris, stickers or attachments.
Cover the window's exterior with a black garbage bag.
  • Cut the black garbage bag open and make sure it is large enough to cover the entire back window.
  • Spray the outside of the window with water. Then, lay the garbage bag over the window and use your hand to smooth the bag down
Prepare the window's interior.
  • Cover the interior upholstery, speakers window ledge and all other surfaces with a plastic tarp.
  • Spray undiluted ammonia over the entire back window tint.
  • Cover the inside of the back window with another black garbage bag that you cut...

30 Jan 2016
Window tinting is an effective way to improve the comfort level and appearance
of vehicle.:Window tinting is an effective way to improve the comfort level and appearanceof vehicle.

PowerPoint Presentation:
So following points should be keep in mind before selecting a window tint -Check Around Various Car Tinting Stores Decide according to your need Choose UV-reflecting Window Tints Know Your State Laws On Tinted Windows Learn How To Care For Your Car's Tints

Check Around Various Car Tinting Stores:
Check Around Various Car Tinting Stores Know more about car window tinting it will very helpful for selecting right window tint. Take the time and effort to check the tinting products of various car shops and this will give a general idea of how...

30 Jan 2016
If your car's tinted windows have started to fade or change color, it is time to remove them. Paying an auto body shop to do the job can be expensive. Instead, you can do the job yourself for much less money. The following is a guide on how to remove tint glue from glass.
Cut plastic in the shape of each tinted window.
  • Black garbage bags or other dark plastic sheeting may be used.
  • Cut enough plastic to cover both the inside and outside of each tinted window.
Apply soapy water to the outside of the windows.
Cover the windows with plastic.
  • Smooth the plastic against the windows.
Protect all surfaces that are near the tinted windows on the inside of the car.
  • Use a tarp to complete this task.
Spray the inside of each tinted...

29 Jan 2016
There is no doubt that a car with tinted windows offers a sense of privacy to its occupants but it will also prevent some sunlight from entering the car creating a cooler environment. If you don't feel like paying a professional to do your window tinting you can do it yourself, but it is not exactly the easiest job in the world. Before you begin to do any window tinting, make sure that you check local laws to determine what the legal limit of window tint is. You will need a shaded, dust and wind-free environment to apply the window tint, and make sure the temperature is above 50 degrees but below 98 degrees.
  • Clean the exterior of the car window with the soapy water solution. You will use the window as a pattern for...

27 Jan 2016

Car tint is usually installed for one or two main reasons depending on the personal preferences and needs of the owner. However, there are many additional benefits to tint that not many car owners have considered and which make tint an all-round amazing idea no matter which way you look at it. Here are the top 6 reasons to get your car tinted:

1.      Better Driving

Driving with the sun directly in your face isn’t just an annoyance – it can be deadly. Car window tint shields your eyes and prevents glare from all sources of extreme light so you’ll never be caught driving badly due to no fault of your own.

2.      Awesome Privacy

Let’s face it, in some of the more unsavory parts of town it’s always a good...

27 Jan 2016

Unfortunately, even the highest quality window film won’t last forever, and at some stage will wear out to the point where it needs to be removed. The two most prominent signs of expired film are 1) bubbling, and 2) purpling.

Bubbling film is caused by natural deterioration of the underlying adhesive. Once you spot your first bubble, you can be sure that more will appear soon enough. The other sign – purple film – comes as a result of the breakdown of non-metallic dyes, which causes the film to turn a purple color.

Thankfully, it doesn’t take any special equipment to remove worn out window film. Following is a list of all that you will need to begin the tint removal process:
Professional Tinting Tools:
  • Black...