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16 Feb 2016
These practices can help you to greatly reduce the amount of dust contamination in your window film installations

1. Find a bug zapper that will work on gnats... and other critters.

2. Minimize the time between peeling the liner and placing the film onto the glass...

3. Do not walk forward with your peeled pattern, step backwards, this way you are not using your peeled film as a catch net for airborne contaminants...

4. Cut a white Teflon into a triangle, wrap it with a micro-fiber cloth, jam it between glass and frame and wipe those crevices (window glass channels) clean... or use a chamois to perform this.

5. Wipe off the top ledge of the roll down glass...

6. If you use a pressure sprayer with a hose, put an...

27 Jan 2016

Window film is often considered a necessity, not least by those who already have it installed. It’s not hard to see why, either  - just take a look at a few of the great benefits it can provide:

  • Reduces energy costs
  • Eliminates nasty window glare
  • Preserves the color of carpets and furniture
  • Acts as a shatter safety mechanism in case the window breaks

What many people don’t know (or haven’t considered) about window film, however, is that you can use it for stunning decorative purposes, too.

Get ready to learn about some of the best and most creative ways to use decorative window film in your home:

1. Easily get that unique stained-glass look

That’s right, you can actually turn an ordinary window into a stunning...

08 Nov 2015
With flexible quick foot grip, the stainless steel scraper is a brand-new tint tool for window cleaning, especially for the removals of old film or adhesive. It also allows tinter to reach that hard to reach easily due to the ergonomic long handle. The large stainless steel edge, just like a powerful blade, can help remove the excess adhesive and scrap off decals in a short time. Edge sharpeness can be maintained by using sandpaper.
High-quality Handled Scraper for Auto Window Film Removal,click here to get more details: